Wedding at Briarwood Park
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Sunday, October 30, 2016
By Rev Paul - All Occasions Ministry
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I officiated and shared vows with Patrice and Robert in a beautiful ceremony at the gazebo in Briarwood Park. I was happy to suggest and secure the location in DeSoto for their wedding ceremony. It was a lovely event shared by family and friends. I've never seen so many cellphone and iPads recording the much fun!

Patrice and Robert did bring in Jim Rode to photograph the event and his pictures are outstanding. Everyone I meet clicks a button, Jim's goes all out to create great images. He believes in the wedding day like I do. The look in Patrice and Robert's faces said it all...they know how special this day is. I love being a part of a couple's wedding day!

Jim has sent me some pictures from the wedding day. Most photographers ignore little weddings and never send me pictures! Why is that? Well, Jim did. Also here is a video that Jim made along with some pictures he took. If you search for a wedding officiant, call or text me, I'm there for you. 817-797-7720

(And I'm going to recommend Jim Rode Photographer too. He's the best photographer in DFW and one of the few who will do a small wedding at a small price. Most of those 4 or 5 thousand dollar photographers won't give you the time of day if you only need an hour on a Tuesday... People on a budget sometimes end up with a budget photographer. Sadly, your day is just as important as a couple with a 50k wedding. Anyway, check out Jim's website 


Patrice and Robert from Jim Rode on Vimeo.

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