Video Page (courtesy Jim Rode Photographer)

I wish to give a special thanks to Jim Rode Photographer for giving me some video's of his work at a few of my weddings. Here you can see some of the couples I have married...and some of Jim's great photography.

  • Patrice and Robert at Briarwood Park

    Patrice and Robert married in Briarwood by Rev Paul. See the ceremony, family photos, and romantic shots at the park. Video by Jim Rode Photographer

  • Holly and Shon

    Holly and Shon, from California, came to Dallas to marry, catch the Cowboys game and begin life together. Photos by Jim Rode Photographer

  • Michelle and Neil

    Michelle and Neil exchanged vows this week at a Dallas Gazebo. Park ceremony by Rev Paul. Photos by Jim Rode Photographer

  • Kathi and Don

    Kathi and Don were married in the park, together in love. Rev. Paul officiated. Photography by Jim Rode

  • Rachel and Greg

    Rachel and Greg married on the pier in Rockwall, with friends, family, water and blue skies. Ceremony - Rev Paul Associate. Photos