Hotel W Dallas
Monday, January 25, 2016 11:20AM
Hotel W Dallas

I love the W in Dallas, and to perform the wedding ceremony for this International couple was so meaningful.To begin with, a wedding at the W will include valet parking for the guests. So cool and elegant. The chef plans and prepares a fabulous dinner which adds to the memory of the day. Did I mention Vosges Chocolates? Custom made chocolate creations for the bride and groom is a very nice touch. More important, a ceremony with vowels that ring true and touch your heart. Unique. Personal. Valued.  

Affordable Wedding Chapel DFW
Monday, January 25, 2016 11:07AM
Hotel W Dallas

 I just joined two people in love with a great marriage ceremony at the Affordable Chapel in Fort Worth. This chapel where I have access is a great place to marry. So much better than the courthouse steps!

Elopement at Lee Park
Tuesday, November 03, 2015 5:24PM
Hotel W Dallas

It was my pleasure to marry Holly and Shon on a beautiful Sunday morning at Lee Park in the Turtle Creek area of Dallas.Holly and Shon are from California and came in for the Cowboy game (and to get married!). Holly is a big Cowboy fan. Jim Rode Photographer took the pictures. In fact, because the couple had planned on a taxi ride from Dallas to the stadium, Jim volunteered to pick them up from the hotel, drive to the ceremony and then drive them to the game. (taxis can run into big bucks if you aren't careful.) Here are some images and a video slide-show of my ceremony with the couple and Jim Rode's Elopement Wedding Coverages. PS If you want fab photography of your elopement Jim offers special prices of this day in your life. Call him at 817-781-7331, or visit and Shon, Elopement Wedding in Dallas from Jim Rode on Vimeo. 

Associate Dan Eakin in-home wedding
Tuesday, November 03, 2015 4:57PM
Hotel W Dallas

My associate Dan Eakin officiated the marriage of another great couple!

Rockwall Wedding on the Pier
Sunday, August 16, 2015 7:50PM
Hotel W Dallas

Rachel and Greg were married on the Pier in Rockwall July 11. Rev Dan Eakin performed the ceremony. Rev Dan often partners with Rev Paul to provide officiant services for lucky couples in the DFW area.The wedding took place under blue skies with friends and family standing by. Cool breezes crossed the waters and it was a wonderful day. After Greg proposed, Rachel suggested a wedding on the water. When they saw the pavilion, they named it the "shabby shack."Wedding on the Pier, Rockwall from Jim Rode on Vimeo. Rev Dan Eakin stands with Rachel and Gary after the ceremony.He's holding the bouquet...sneak in a kiss!

Venetian Terrace Wedding Las Colinas
Tuesday, June 09, 2015 4:06PM
Hotel W Dallas

Below you will see the wedding photo of Esmeralda and Richard on their wedding day. They were married at the Venetian Terrace on the canal in Los Colinas. This beautiful restaurant (the Venetian) on the canal, with its ivy covered walls and beautiful setting with the canal, gondala's and birds, is the perfect place for a small wedding ceremony. As an officiant, it is up to me to provide the most wonderful ceremony in these pleasant conditions. These moments become the memories of a lifetime.Rev Paul, officiant, Los Colinas Richard and Esmeralda were married by Rev Paul at the Venetian in Los Colinas in a small ceremony at the canal.

Wedding Officiant in Fort Worth
Tuesday, June 09, 2015 3:58PM
Hotel W Dallas

I love being able to provide a chapel for those small wedding ceremonies in Fort Worth. Jamie and Olivia were married at the affordable chapel with the kids as witness. How wonderful is that! Rev Paul with Jamie and Olivia at Fort Worths affordable wedding chapel.    If you need a place to marry, call or contact me! I can take care of it! I proudly bring you a great and meaningful ceremony that fits your budget. In many cases, I can provide a chapel for less than $50! So much more romantic than getting married at the courthouse among the sherriff deputies and bail bondsman LoL!

Avoid the Courthouse Wedding
Friday, May 22, 2015 1:45PM
Hotel W Dallas

The picture below is from a ranch wedding in Springtown. I do weddings in dozens of places. I've got an affordable chapel. I know of lots of parks, gazebos. I've been to country clubs and churches. I've married people in dozens of beautiful venues. This couple will have great memories they'll think of every beautiful day.What I'm simply not crazy about is the Courthouse wedding. -Don't get me wrong...I'm happy to do what is known as the courthouse wedding, but frankly, you can have better memories than the getting married under the florescent lights of the clerks office...or the hallway with the auto renewal people coming and going...or heaven forbid...the deputy leading a criminal down the hall while you are exchanging rings...what a memory!Trust me to bring you some ideas and locations for a memorable wedding!Call me or text me at 817-797-7720. I do weddings all over the DFW area!

Elopement at the DeSoto Civic Center
Thursday, May 21, 2015 4:53PM
Hotel W Dallas

Luisa and Darius eloped to the DeSoto Civic Center for a wedding ceremony with Rev. Paul. Family and friends came to become witness' to the wedding. Their vows were in English and Spanish. Magic.